Well the weather still wants me to feel bad about driving. Today it felt like June. I decided to drive my girlfriend to campus. Usually she drives by herself, but this week I have an excuse to accompany her. I took I-5 and Hwy. 101(7.8 miles/11 minutes) instead of the Division/Cooper Point route. The traffic was light and we got to school earlier than she had expected. I stuck around campus until lunchtime. 

When I met my girlfriend for lunch she wanted to go to the Westside Safeway to get a sandwich. I obliged her (3.5 miles/9 minutes, each way). We returned to campus with a gargantuan club sandwich with three types of cheese and three types of meat. Surely a car was the appropriate form of transport for such a large sandwich. 

After lunch I headed back home to look up some tax information (7.8 miles/14 minutes). This was the first time that I had driven by myself in these two days. I got a chance to listen to KGY 96.9, which is a local country station. When I was growing up, I was one of those kids who said they liked most music except rap and country. Now I do like it all. Especially the older country stuff (from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s), which this station plays. That’s the station I usually listen to driving around here. Sometimes I’ll flip to KAOS, or Free Radio Olympia. In Seattle it’s KEXP for me. 

We used to listen to CDs in the Jetta. That was until the CD player crapped out more than a year ago. Sometimes we listen to an iPod, but the sound isn’t very good, or to a tape, but we only have a few of those and we want variety. It’s really frustrating that CD players can’t be affordably fixed. They are designed to die and be replaced. 

On my way to 101, while listening to some country music, I noticed that the middle-aged man driving a Subaru Outback behind me was following me closely. I had the cruise control on because I don’t like to worry about going to fast. I was cruising at 55 mph in a 50 zone. Is that reason to tailgate someone? Damn! 

One of my driving characteristics is to drive a very average speed on the straight-aways and not slow down for curves. As I approached the junction of 101 with I-5 a guy in a pick-up with a kid’s backyard play set in the back pulled in front of me to pass a semi. The only problem was the pick-up wasn’t going fast enough for me. Nothing came of it, it just bothered me a little bit. This is the place for that, right?

I headed back to Evergreen for a meeting and to pick up my girlfriend (7.8 miles/15 minutes)…. and eventually back home again (7.8 miles/14 minutes). The traffic wasn’t bad. It seemed very normal to me. Nothing to slow me down particularly, but nor was I the only car on the road. 

I managed to find one more reason for going out. I needed bread for toast in the morning. I dashed down to Bayview and back (2.0 miles/10 minutes, roundtrip). The traffic was very light as it was pretty late.