Oh man! What a damn day to start driving! Unseasonably beautiful weather and I’m stuck behind the wheel of my girlfriend’s Jetta. So here’s how it went. I drove to work (0.7 miles) and it took me about five minutes. I’m a waiter for a catering company and we have a shop shop in one part of town and then drive the food to the location. Today it was at our facility by Capitol Lake (1.3 miles/7 minutes). After the job was over it was back to the shop (1.3 miles/8 minutes). 

Once we had made it back to the shop I realized that I had forgotten my jacket at our facility down by the lake and of course the keys to the Jetta were in there. So a coworker gave me a ride down to pick up my jacket and back to the shop (2.6 miles/15 minutes) so I could drive the Jetta back home (0.7 miles/4 minutes).

After resting at home for a little while my girlfriend tried to convince me to walk down to the bank, it being such a beautiful day. I had to decline but ended up giving her a ride (0.8/5 minutes). I think the fantastic weather must’ve frazzled our brains because when we got down to the bank she realized she had forgotten her check so it was back to the apartment and then back down to the bank (1.6 miles/10 minutes). After the bank we needed to pick up some some food from the co-op. The Eastside Co-op is a little bit more convenient to where we live, so that’s where we went (2.3 miles/9 minutes). Finally it was back home (1.8 miles/8 minutes) after a long day of short trips. 

All those short trips added up to spending more than an hour in the car while traveling less than thirteen miles. Can that really be faster than riding a bicycle? The only trip I really needed to take was in the catering van. All the other trips could have been done on foot or by bicycle. One thing I can say in my defense was that I never drove alone. 

Throughout the day, traffic seemed normal except downtown in the mid-afternoon there were a lot of bicyclists on the road! Let’s see what happens tomorrow…