Today I took a trip to Intercity Transit’s headquarters to pay a friend a visit. At 1:50pm I caught the 66 heading east. That bus leaves downtown at 1:45. This means that yesterday morning I missed the bus because it took only two minutes to travel eight blocks while this afternoon it took five. Hmmm…. Four minutes after boarding I got off at Pacific and Pattison. I almost missed my stop because there were two girls talking very loudly on cellphones and I started to try to figure out what they were talking about, not noticing the progress the bus had made. 

I’m sure somewhere someone has come up with some reasonable rules to cellphone etiquette. I guess I would say calls should be encouraged to be held in private or at least in a public space where no one has to listen to your conversation interminably, walking on a busy street for example. Something definitely seemed inappropriate about two girls dominating the aural experiences of their fellow passengers. 

After chatting with my friend for a couple hours, and receiving some great reading material, I had to catch a bus back home. I could either go back to Pacific and wait half an hour or sprint over to Martin and hope I can catch the bus that should be there in three minutes. I chose the sprint. And I made it comfortably. Someone else came sprinting up about a minute after I got to the stop. She turned out to be a former coworker of mine. She left the catering business to work at the co-op and I would imagine she was probably getting off work. We chatted on they way back toward downtown. This was definitely an experience I could not have while driving, unless hitch hiking were to regain its lost glory. The ride back took me only about four minutes, again. 

All things considered, these are not terrible wait or travel times. I suppose the stress that most drivers feel when they consider riding transit comes from their being freedom-loving Americans who are afraid of having their freedom to travel where they want, when they want restricted by transit schedules. But I have been impressed with the short wait times and the ability to get somewhere I wouldn’t walk in as little as four minutes.

There’s also the exercise issue. The sprinting I did yesterday and today was more than I did all of last week. Driving everywhere really did make me feel lethargic. Even walking four blocks to my apartment for the bus stop is better than walking out to the car from the apartment. I’m pretty sure the only exercise I got last week was walking my dog. Sure, I could have set aside some time to exercise, but I prefer to get at least some exercise during my daily routine.