For breakfast this morning I tried to make myself an omelette but ended up making myself a scramble. It had sausage and fresh mint leaves I found in my neighborhood. It was relatively flavorful but left me mentally hungry.

When lunch rolled around I ate a bunch of Apples that were hopefully from Yakima County, but might have been from Benton County with cheese from Twin Oaks Creamery aged cheese from Chehalis in Lewis County. After my lunch snack I went to meet my girlfriend on campus for her lunch break. She wanted to get a sandwich at Safeway and I obliged her. On the way back to campus we stopped by the farm stand on Mud Bay Road. None of the produce was local! When my girlfriend asked the cashier where the rhubarb was from he said he had no idea, like it was a crazy question. Oh man! 


*     *     *


OK, so today I seem to have made a mistake. I’ll be the first to admit it. The hunger is really getting to me today. I started to notice it last night, but today it’s bothering me. I just don’t feel satiated. But back to that mistake… I went looking for farms from the farm map. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting. Welcoming parties? 

First I went to Lattin’s Cider Mill. They had some produce, but it was from all over the US except Western Washington. As I purchased my obligatory apple cider donut I asked the lady if the apples came from the other side of the mountains. She said they did. I asked her if they came from all over the place or from one place. She said they have a “broker” but that they’ve been buying from the same people for many years. What a disappointment. Lattin’s is meant to be an Olympia area landmark. I suppose they are making their product there, even if the ingredients aren’t local, but that should be made clear. I had never had an apple cider donut before and had heard they were famous so I figured I couldn’t pass them up. I didn’t have the heart to ask the woman if she knew where they flour came from for the donuts. I just assume that it probably came from South Dakota or Kansas. 

After Lattin’s I drove a bit further south to find Stoney Plains. I think I saw it but there wasn’t a sign. I was going to turn around to double check, but the road didn’t offer any place convenient to turn-around. I had to keep going and going and going… 

Finally I found myself on my way to Helsing Junction Farm. They were potentially going to have fruits, maybe frozen fruit. But the farm was just a lonely farm house with some orchards out back and some rows of tilled earth. There was a little farm stand out front but it was shuttered. My guess is that it won’t open for about another month when Strawberries are officially due. My other thought is that farms have decided CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) might be taking the place of farm stands.  

In reading “Plenty” the authors seem to have no trouble finding farmers who want to sell them anything they’ve got. Probably it helps that they’re journalists. They seemed to be able to sniff out a meal from the least likely farms. They also called ahead at least some of the time. Traveling to these farms by myself, however, I just didn’t want to invade anyone’s home or bother them while they’re doing their work. 


*     *     *


I have been hungry before. But somehow this is different. It’s not so extraordinarily painful, it just seems to put me in a foul mood. I don’t think I’ve ever been hungry for more than a day with so much damn food around. I’ve never in my life dieted. I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted. And I have never fasted. Something about this diet is miserably failing to satisfy my head and my belly. It was all right for the first two days, but now it’s just a pain. 

It was the realization that I couldn’t even get local yogurt that started to put me in a foul mood. Since then I just haven’t been satiated. So many damn eggs…. 

For supper my girlfriend made a feast. A classmate had brought her some clams the classmate’s family raised near Quilcene in Jefferson County. That was the appetizer. Then we had delicious country pork ribs from Mason County with cannelloni beans and kale from Thurston County. This should have made me happy, but I was still whining about how I couldn’t get satisfied. 


*     *     *


It’s over! It’s over! The War is Over! 

I called Jake to find out if he’d be willing to end this silly experiment a day early and he said yes! Immediately I dashed into the kitchen and stuffed my face with chocolate covered sunflower seed cookies! Immediately I felt much so much better. So much happier! I really hate to admit it, but I think that maybe it’s not grain that I’ve been missing so much as sugar. What a terrible discovery. I think I might have a mild addiction to sugar. I was hoping to get my sweet tooth satiated by local honey or frozen fruit but after the yogurt failure, I didn’t have any choice. 

To celebrate the end of the experiment Jake and I met at the Eastside for a beer. Beer had been forbidden as the ingredients come from the wrong side of the Cascades. The only alcohol that would have been allowed would have been a handful of wines with the grapes actually grown in the Puget Sound. The vast majority of wineries in Western Washington get their grapes from Eastern Washington.