Spending money on road improvements for safety concerns is something hard to argue with. An unsafe road is an unsafe neighborhood. I’m glad to see that the widened section of Harrison will get bike and walking lanes, rather than just improving the road for cars. I have concerns about paying for the project based on future projects, as it seems a bit risky in this economy due to the lack of new construction.

It is interesting to note that bringing “economic stimulus” is almost a surefire way to get a project green-lighted. But what type of stimulus will really be created by these road improvements? Jobs will be created for the workers, materials and capital will be bought and used for the project, but what about the community where the improvements are being built? Roads are not real wealth generating projects, as they serve to move people to and from a location rather than bringing an improvement to the neighborhood.

I understand these projects as something that need to be done, albeit regrettably. Within the current system, roads must be maintained for safety reasons, even if the money could be placed somewhere else for a better long-term transportation project.