Oh how the flesh is weak! Today before work I had a meal of Thurston County eggs flavored with leeks. Not bad as a side dish, perhaps, but not much of a meal. Where’s my grain? I need some toast or cereal, dammit! I don’t know what it is, but I have learned that a full meal is not just sufficient amount of food, but a sufficient variety, too. I’m not getting that variety. 

For lunch I packed myself another meal of lettuce with bleu cheese dressing and some hard boiled eggs except I forgot the hard boiled eggs so I left for work with just the salad. That would not be enough food for a hard day of labor. Did I mention that I’m a caterer and that I usually get a chance to eat a meal during a shift? So allegedly there would be all this food around me that I wasn’t going to be able to eat and I wasn’t going to have enough of my own food. Then, for the first time we decided to serve Nanaimo bars. Even though I told my co-worker that I was on a special local diet, she kept forgetting and offering me these desserts made with lots of chocolate and sugar. I couldn’t say no! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity! So I had a Nanaimo bar or two. Of course, I couldn’t stop there. When it was meal time I found I couldn’t resist the chicken enchiladas and corn salad, so I took the opportunity to gorge myself. I have to admit, it was very tasty and satisfying. Oh, and the Nanaimo bars tasted like sin!

I would like to make some high minded argument about how I was saving the food from the landfill so my belly was a better place for it, but that’s not true. We compost our food. Can you still make the same freegan arguments when the food gets returned to the soil like it should? I suppose I was robbing someone of some compost/soil/future source of income. The only way I can think to justify my eating of that food was that it was honoring the cook’s work. The cook didn’t make that food to get thrown into the compost, they made it for human consumption, which is what this human convinced himself to do. 

When I got home from work I ate my salad as a snack and in shame. It was only day two and I had broken the agreement. 

For dinner we had pork chops from Mason County cooked in the dutch oven with apples from Yakima County. Thurston County kale was served sautéed on the side. At least I think the apple was from Yakima County. Unfortunately, either the apple or the onion from last night’s carrot purée was from “exit 82 off Interstate 82” which would would be just a few miles into Benton County. The guy at the farmer’s market was able to tell us exactly where he bought the produce, but I’ve forgotten whether he was talking about the onions or the apples and so the both sneak in under the radar. Obviously, I favor inclusion rather than exclusion. Wherever it came from, it wasn’t terribly far away! 

I’ll point out now that this is the second time I’ve had a home made meal with meat in it. I consider this to be a significant advantage for me over Jake in attempting this local diet. There is butcher at the farmer’s market who sells pork and chicken products from their farm in Mason County. This provides both more food options for me as well as a great source of protein. Fortunately for Jake, he does eat eggs. But I probably shouldn’t start talking about protein because honestly, I know next to nothing about nutrition. For better or worse, I leave that to my girlfriend.



Two days down, three to go.