Well, I didn’t have eggs for breakfast this morning. Nor did I have sausage. I had Cascade Fresh yogurt made in Seattle with some local raw honey. Wait this is the local game. Where is local honey from? The people at the coop told me the honey company was in Olympia but that the bees were set free to do their thing in the North Cascades which in my mind would mean Snohomish, Skagit, or the forbidden Whatcom County. A two-thirds chance that the bees were buzzing in a legitimate county is good enough for me. There’s also Four Bs Farm, out near Steamboat Island, but I chose to go with the stuff at the farmer’s market. It’s that Cascade Fresh stuff that became a thorn in my side later today. 

With a name like “Cascade Fresh” and being made in Seattle, I made the foolhardy assumption that their milk must come from somewhere nearby, like Fir Island in the the Skagit Valley, or somewhere in the Stillaguamish Valley near Stanwood. But no! When I called up their information line they told me they got their milk from a dairy cooperative in northern California and another in Portland, Oregon! I don’t know where the milk is coming from when the cooperative is in Portland, but I do know that Humboldt County is a damn long ways to go to get fresh milk for your yogurt. Could it really be that their product is so superior to ours?! Why the hell does milk need to travel that far?! It’s criminal!

So now there’s no yogurt made locally that I can eat, and I can’t make my own without a machine. I went online and looked yogurt machines on Target’s website. They offer three models. After my girlfriend came home from work I convinced her to take me to Target to look at yogurt makers. Hunting around the home appliance section was fruitless. Finally we found someone to help us. They don’t carry them in stock. We would have to order one. This is the point at which my girlfriend reminds me that we’re moving soon and that we don’t need another kitchen gadget to haul with us to Atlanta. Crap. 

Maybe my mood was starting to sour because I had lettuce with bleu cheese dressing and two hard boiled eggs for lunch. All I know is I wanted to be able to have yogurt and now those dreams were being dashed. 

For dinner we had chicken from Mason County stuffed with thyme from our patio served with Yakima County asparagus on the side. My girlfriend was a bit worn out so there wasn’t much effort put into the presentation. I am starting to get bothered that I can’t have much dairy or any grain. I can have cheese, but local cheese is very expensive and must be savored. Unfortunately I just don’t like straight milk. 

Three days down, two to go.